Philadelphia Phoenix Soccer League


The Philadelphia Phoenix Soccer League (PPSL) was born out of a group of women's soccer teams who decided to form their own league with player safety valued and all members respected. The love of soccer runs deep in the league and the teams and players embody the core values of the game: respect, teamwork, integrity, and commitment.


The Philadelphia Phoenix Soccer League aims to provide a competitive and fun space for players who typically do not receive equal space or treatment within the sport of soccer due to their gender identity. The league aims to create a safe and inclusive space in which diverse soccer players can come together to play their sport without discrimination or marginalization.

Tri-County Women’s Soccer League

Philadelphia Phoenix Soccer League is organized under the umbrella of the Tri-County Women’s Soccer League, which has been active since 1997 and shares our values and beliefs.

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  • 8 v 8
  • 50-minute games (two 25-minute halves)
  • Kick-ins
  • All indirect kicks
  • Field sizes are 53x40 yards with two full-sized goals

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Philadelphia Phoenix Soccer League